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Investment Process

The beach is open 52 weeks of the year, but here in Wrightsville Beach, NC, you can’t always enjoy the weather and soak up the rays in your bathing suit. The stock market is open 52 weeks a year, as well. Should your portfolio be the same no matter what the conditions?

We use three different time-based indicators to determine the current stock market environment and adjust your portfolio accordingly.

Positive Market Conditions

Green Flag – Bull Market Conditions, market is trending higher, and everyone is making money. Maximum stock market concentration. You want to ride volatility in positive market conditions.

Negative Market Conditions

Red Flag – Bear Market Conditions, market is trending lower, and everyone is losing money. Minimum to no stock market concentration. Avoid volatility in negative market conditions.

Neutral Market Conditions

Yellow Flag – No Discernable Market Condition, market is up one day and down the next. Some market participation is required but timed strategically.